Friday, February 12, 2010

Weather Watcher Live 6.1.28

A new version of Weather Watcher Live has been released:

The changes are as follows:

ADDED: A few more Tray Tooltip skins (new background images & text sizes).

CHANGED: All available alerts are now displayed directly within the main Weather Watcher Live window when the red alert banner is clicked.

FIXED: "R-" and "R+" was displaying in the non-skinned tooltip window when a rate of change was available (e.g. 20°FR+).

FIXED: On new installations, the Weather Watcher Live window was not tall enough to prevent the bar graphs from overlapping the content in the top part of the window.

FIXED: When viewing an international weather station, the hourly slider would appear at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher Live window when "Days" was selected in the "Slider Display" section of the Splendid/Splendid2 skin settings.