Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weather Watcher 5.6.32

A new version of Weather Watcher has been released:

The changes are as follows:

ADDED: "Open Skin Location" button to the "Skins" tab of the Weather Watcher Options window.

ADDED: Logging to record errors that occur while Weather Watcher is loading in the "WeatherWatcher.log" file (stored in Weather Watcher user files location).

CHANGED: Weather Watcher system tray menu is now displayed when either icon (temperature or condition) is clicked.

CHANGED: The "Select/Deselect All" button on the Map Manager window now only affects the listed maps.

FIXED: Dates containing month abbreviations were not converting and/or displaying properly (e.g. 05-Jun-2008).

FIXED: Maps were not remembering last opened size and position (if using that option).

FIXED: Tweaked system tray icon procedures to prevent Windows from hiding them when it thought Weather Watcher was no longer active.

FIXED: The Flash maps that come with the default Weather Watcher install now size correctly when first opened.

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