Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weather Watcher Live 6.0.1

A new version of Weather Watcher Live has been released:

The changes are as follows:

ADDED: Procedure to remove old Weather Watcher Live uninstaller created by beta Weather Watcher Live installations.

FIXED: Daily icon images depicting "Chance of Snow Shower" were not displaying the correct percentage in the icon image.


trevithick said...

As of version 6.0.0, this otherwise very nice ap installs the Ask Toolbar without your permission. You are asked about something else, but not this. I for one will not be re-installing this until this is made an option I can turn off. I do NOT want the Ask Toolbar, nor any other without my explicit permission.


Mike Singer said...

The Weather Watcher Live installer allows you to opt out of the Ask Toolbar install. If you still have it installed, you can uninstall it from the "Add/Remove" or "Programs and Features" section of the Windows Control Panel.

Vako said...

Actually the Ask toolbar is a very bad program, even after you uninstall it, a miniature version is kept on the toolbar which cannot be removed without hacking into the registry.
I've been using WW for many years now, not anymore!

Mike Singer said...

Vako, the mini toolbar that you are referring to is a feature of Internet Explorer -- not something related to the Ask Toolbar and/or something that was installed when you installed the Ask Toolbar. The default search provider can be set in the Internet Explorer Options.

FYI, you can submit bug reports at: