Monday, November 10, 2008

Weather Watcher Live is out of beta!

Weather Watcher Live 6.0.0 is officially out of beta! If you're already using the beta, then check out the latest changes below.

CHANGED: Weather Watcher Live map file delimiter to "|" to work around international character issues.

CHANGED: News bar on main Weather Watcher Live window is automatically hidden when viewing weather for weather stations outside of the US.

FIXED: All Weather Watcher Live windows were loading centered on the desktop after opening and closing the color dialog box in the "Tray Icon" tab of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

FIXED: Tooltips were no longer appearing on the slider at the bottom of the main Weather Watcher Live window after sliding.

FIXED: When using "General" --> "Start Weather Watcher Live when Windows starts" option, Weather Watcher Live was not always starting.

FIXED: The Chance of Precipitation
was always displaying as "N/A" in the Weather Watcher Live tray tooltip window.

FIXED: The precipitation values in the Daily forecast did not always match up with the precipitation values in the Hourly forecast (which is more accurate). If the Daily forecast precipitation does not match, it will automatically be recalculated using the Hourly precipitation data.

FIXED: When Windows returns from sleep mode, weather updates were not automatically resuming.

FIXED: Issue that was causing daily forecast to display as a blank page when an error was generated while processing the forecast data.

FIXED: When exporting weather data to an HTM or HTML file, degree symbols are now being converted to HTML characters.

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