Monday, March 23, 2009

Weather Watcher Live Firefox Extension (Beta)

A new version of the Weather Watcher Live Firefox extension has been released:

The changes are as follows:

ADDED: Arrow image to the right of the current condition toolbar text to indicate if the temperature/barometer/humidity is increasing or decreasing..

ADDED: "Change Map..." menu item to toolbar right-click menu to allow a custom map to be displayed for a specific weather station. The default WeatherBug map will be displayed for all weather stations that do not have a custom map URL setup.

CHANGED: The barometer reading now displays with two decimal places.

FIXED: If the weather station name was edited in the "Station" section of the Options window, the actual name was still displaying at the top of the current conditions tooltip.

FIXED: The "Humidity Low" and "Humidity High" labels were switched in the current conditions tooltip.

FIXED: Map image was not always loading correctly when pointing the mouse over the globe toolbar icon.

FIXED: Tooltip was displaying "undefined" when the high or low temperature was not available.

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